About the Artist


Rachel Walls, direct film animating

With roots in broadcast design and production, Rachel Walls is a highly skilled Animator, Designer, Editor, Academic and Artist. Rachel also studies dance, and is about to embark on a series of animations on this topic. She holds a Masters Degree in Animation, and lectures in tertiary institutions both in theory and practice areas.  Rachel's research areas are abstract animation and inclusive design.

Her current creative focus is in creating films focusing on simplicity of the moving image as a design object. Rachel prefers to create animations that beg little of her audience. The freedom of visual form present in animation creates an amazing space for experimentation. Her work has travelled the world, and as a researcher and creator she lectures both on her own work and other subjects. There is a significant body of research that accompanies all of her outputs, regardless of medium. Her design process is about being informed, considered, and generating messages that communicate in an honest manner. 

Rachel lectures in Television Production and Animation at Charles Sturt University, and continues to practice as a component of her role. She is currently undertaking a PhD at University of Technology Sydney.

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