Rachel Walls is a film maker with experience in a wide range of production areas. Her strengths are film animation/motion graphics, non-linear editing, post production supervision, and animation production management.

Rachel brings over 15 years of experience to her filmic undertakings. 

She does lots of work that keeps her away from simple things in life. Here are a few highlights from the last decade of her ongoing work:

Pomegranate - Dir. R. Walls, 2017

still from Pomegranate

Pomegranate is an abstract animation in response to the Egyptian applique form, Khayamiya. It has exhibited in HRGallop Gallery Wagga Wagga, and The Armory Sydney.

An exploration of the contrast between appliqué and bricolage in creation of Khayamiya, Pomegranate focuses on a common pattern within the form, repeating within 8 geometric sections. The work also considers the contrast between weaving and sewing as creative activities: Pomegranate attempts to return the khayamiya to a point of origin, artificially reuniting artifact with raw materials. 

Obsessive Possessives - Documentary, Dir. L. Achille, 2012

still from Obsessive Possessives

Obsessive Possessives is a film about collecting, from the perspective of a range of collectors. I assisted with the fine cut and online of the project, as well as creating a range of animations for titles, credits, graphics and segways for the film. The film itself has been made available online for viewing by the Director, Louisa Achille. Check it out on Vimeo!

Apple of Iron - Animation, Dir. R. Walls, 2008


Apple of Iron had its interntional premiere at the Annecy International Festival of Animation, and has screened at a wide range of A-list festivals and further around Europe, Australasia and South America. It has since become subject of animation studies, been shown in fine art galleries and universities, and Rachel has presented a wide range of lectures regarding the film. 

The Naked Feminist - Documentary, Dir. L. Achille, 2004


The Naked Feminist is a long-format documentary that Rachel edited and animated (and more) with director Louisa Achille under Lush Lily Films. Completed in 2004, the film had its international premiere at SXSW where it won the Emerging Visions audience choice award for documentary. The film went on to screen internationally at festivals, followed by museums and galleries, and has since found a home in a range of universites as a contributing educational tool. It continues to screen to this day. 

Ye Olde Promo Reel - Various Clients


Rachel has also worked on award-winning TVCs that have screened locally, with Silver winnings at ProMax in the ID category, and nominations in international festivals. As a Promo Producer and Creative Director, Rachel has worked on a variety of Australian broadcast and narrowcast identites, film festivals, and more. She has a very long filmography which can be made available to you on request.

If you are looking for a fine editor or animator, why not contact her today?

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